Faisal Hills Islamabad

Faisal Hills Islamabad is a renowned housing project situated at an ideal location in Taxila Region near Islamabad. It is developed by Zedem International. This society was professionally built and offers a luxurious, peaceful lifestyle along with the most modern leisure and living amenities. Moreover, it is in a stunning location, surrounded by gorgeous scenery, and boasts a stunning view of the Margalla Hills. The project covers a significant area and is also divided into numerous blocks.

Faisal Hills Islamabad Developers & Owners

Faisal Hills is owned and developed by Zedem International, one of the most well-known urbanist real estate firms. Mr. Ch. Abdul Majeed, a reputable businessman, established the construction company in 2016. Moreover, Mr. Majeed entered the real estate industry with a vibrant vision of developing ground-breaking developments.

Zedem International Pvt. Ltd

Faisal Town and Faisal Residencia are two of Zedem International’s most notable projects. The Business group has a significant profile with an estimated 9.6 million in yearly revenue and over 100 employees.

Additionally, the company has a clear vision to work with the best team of architects that can design luxury at its finest. The construction group has a history of producing fruitful projects. Some of the company’s previous profitable projects are:

  • Faisal Town
  • SEA Square 
  • Faisal Residencia
  • Faisal Margalla City
  • Faisal Tower at Faisal Town

NOC Status of Faisal Hills Islamabad

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has officially approved the Faisal Hills NOC. The competent authorities have approved 11823.5 Kanal of land for the housing project. The NOC approval is furthermore crucial to the growth and success of any project. It not only provides credibility and dependability, but it also increases a project’s potential and success. In addition, the residential society possesses NOCs and letters of approval for the supply of gas, water, and electricity.

Faisal Hills Islamabad Location Map

This community is located on a highway that leads to Taxila. It is situated on the main Grand Trunk (GT) Road N-5 in the Taxila area of the Rawalpindi District. This society is in an excellent location because it is away from crowded regions. Moreover, there is a magnificent view of the Margalla Hills, and the neighborhood is clean and green.

FH Islamabad is a very significant housing society with the potential for future investment due to its proximity to Taxila, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad, three of Pakistan’s major cities. Taxila is Pakistan’s industrial hub, and Islamabad is the capital territory.

Accessibility Points

Some of Faisal Hills’ access points are:

  • N-125 is nearly 5 minutes’ drive away
  • Quaid Avenue 5 minutes’ drive away
  • Kalabagh-Nathia Gali Road 6 minutes’ drive away
  • Tarnol Morr is nearly 10 minutes’ drive away
  • Paswal Road 12 minute drive away
  • Rawalpindi 15 minute drive away
  • Rawalpindi-Kohat Road 21 minute drive away
  • Srinagar Highway 22 minute drive away
  • Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway (M-1) is also 22 minutes away
  • Rawalpindi Ring Road (M-14) is 25 minutes away
  • Moreover, Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2) 28 minutes away

The M-2 Motorway and the forthcoming Margalla Avenue will be connected to this society in the near future, which will increase the value of the strategic location of this society.

Faisal Hills accessibilities
Nearby landmark of Faisal Hills

Nearby Landmarks & Places

Following are the landmarks situated nearby Faisal Hills:

  • Rawalpindi as well as Islamabad
  • Taxila
  • Multi Gardens B-17
  • Hill View Housing Scheme
  • Heavy Mechanical Complex (HMC)
  • Fateh Jang and Tarnol
  • Wahdat Colony
  • CPEC Western Route
  • HITEC University, Taxila
  • Comsats University Wah Cantt Campus
  • National University of Science and Technology (NUST)
  • Islamabad International Airport

Faisal Hills Layout Plan

The project developer has designed Faisal Hills Master Plan according to international standards. They are very expert and deliver various brilliant projects in the past. In addition, the project covers a land of 11823.5 Kanal. A lot of land is reserved for commercial and residential purposes. However, parks, playgrounds, community centers, and educational institutes are also part of the master plan of FH Islamabad. Moreover, the main boulevard of the housing society is 225 meters wide, while smaller roads are more than 40 meters wide.

Faisal Hills Blocks

The project is split into numerous blocks for the convenience of the residents. The following are the Top Premium Blocks of Faisal Hills Islamabad:

1. Executive Block

This block has easy access from the major GT Road and is also a premium residential area next to Margalla Hills. Taxila City, the museums, and the area’s surroundings are all within close proximity to this block. Additionally, Executive Block offers enormous high-rise initiatives with homes, offices, malls, and schools.

2. Faisal Hills Block A

A block has already been sold out; this block includes some fascinating features such as a main boulevard of 225″ feet and the society’s main commercial core for its residents and investors.

Most notably, this block was planned and developed in accordance with modern construction norms. Moreover, for easy access to all amenities, streets in and surrounding this area must be at least 40 feet wide and up to 110 feet wide.

3. Faisal Hills Block B

Block B has wonderful lush green parks as well as grounds that offer residents a space for social gatherings. It also has a garden with breathtaking views of the adjacent Margalla Hills.

4. Faisal Hills Block C

In the primary residential real estate market, Block C has become this area’s desired luxury property. A future access point to the CPEC route through the M-1 Motorways is planned for luxury residences, which also give pleasant views of the nearby Margalla Hills.

5. Faisal Hills Block D

The most recent addition to the elegance of the residential society is Block D of Faisal Hills. Due to its opulent and exclusive characteristics mixed with the superior infrastructure, the block has been the focus of attention for months. Moreover, in this block, a variety of plots are available in various sizes to suit the needs of investors.

Plots for Sale in Faisal Hills Taxila

The project management offers a wide variety of residential as well as commercial plots at cost-effective rates.

Residential Plots

Within Faisal Hills, the following sizes of residential plots are available for sale:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 14 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal
Commercial Plots

The following sizes of commercial plots are available for sale:

  • 2 Marla
  • 4 Marla

Faisal Hills Islamabad Payment Plan

The Faisal Hills Islamabad payment plan is concise and simple to follow. Faisal Hills’ residential plots can purchase in 15 simple installments. Moreover, this makes it simple for people who are unable to pay the lump payment all at once.

Salient Features

The following are the salient features of this project:

  • Accessible as well as Affordable
  • 40’ Wide Roads and 225’ Wide Main Boulevard
  • Sewerage Disposal Stations
  • Underground Electrification
  • Sui Gas
  • Educational Institutes
  • Plantation and Landscaping
  • Well-Gated as well as 24/7 Security
  • Modern Waste Collection and Disposal
  • Commercial Areas
  • Shopping Mall with a Movie Theatre as well as Food Court
  • Community Center and Club
  • Parks & Playgrounds
  • Mosques
  • Grounds for Cricket as well as Football
  • Filling Station
  • Medical Facilities and Sports Complex
Salient Features of faisal hills

Exceptional Facilities & Amenities

The amenities and facilities at FH Islamabad are first-rate and innovative, equipped with all the needs for an opulent but friendly way of life. Zedem International did not make any compromises that may affect the standard of their projects. Following are the unique amenities available in Faisal Hills.


Safe and Secure Community

Faisal Hills is a gated community with 24-hour surveillance. The standard of the residential society rises as a result of becoming a gated community. The security of the future residents was not jeopardized by the developers. Moreover, a boundary wall protects society's boundaries to maintain the highest level of security possible.

Educational Institutes

One of the most essential elements of modern life is education. For international standard schools and educational complexes, developers kept an extensive portion of the land. Moreover, to deliver quality education, the education complex employs the most skilled and well-educated teaching staff.

Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque is an amazing addition to meet spiritual needs. Its outstanding and modern design makes it peaceful as well as soul-soothing. Moreover, the construction pace of Jamia Masjid is very rapid.
icons8-city-buildings-100 (1)

Commercial Area

The developers of residential societies additionally established commercial zones for their inhabitants. This commercial center will sell a variety of goods. Further, for the convenience of their future residents, the commercial area will also have a variety of affordable shops and supermarkets all in one location.

Booking Process

Faisal Hills Taxila booking is simple. If you want to book a plot in this housing plan, simply follow the following instructions given below.

  • Fill out the booking application form.
  • Attach copies of CNIC with the application form.
  • Make your down payment in the name of ‘Faisal Hills Islamabad’ via cheque or cash.
  • Confirm the management process with your sales representative. (Optional)
  • Submit the required documents and also obtain a receipt.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ans. Yes, it is a legal housing project approved by RDA.

Ans. Faisal Hills Islamabad lies on the N-5 Grand Trunk Road, adjacent to Taxila as well as Margalla Hills.

Ans. Faisal Hills is an affordable choice when compared to the other housing societies in the Margalla foothills. Moreover, it offers a picturesque view of the Margalla Hills and acts as a distinct selling point for Faisal Hills, isolating it from its competitors.

Ans. FH is currently the most profitable investment option because prices are likely to grow after the balloting. Moreover, Margalla Avenue will provide convenient access to the housing complex, making it a profitable investment.

Ans. Zedem International, a company owned by Ch. Abdul Majeed, is developing Faisal Hills.

Ans. The society offers both residential as well as commercial plots.

Ans. The sizes of the plots at Faisal Hills Islamabad vary depending on where they lie within a block. Moreover, the following land sizes are available in Faisal Hills Islamabad: 5, 8, 10, 14, 1, and 2 Kanals.


Faisal Hills Islamabad has been expertly developed to enhance the value and attractiveness of the capital city. In addition, residential society developers are the most well-known urbanist with a proven track record. Their project quality and standards speak for themselves. Moreover, the payment plan structure is designed to be flexible and straightforward.

Additionally, FH provides investors with a luxurious and sophisticated lifestyle that includes necessary amenities, a fantastic location, and affordability. The housing society is a secure investment that will pay rewards in the long run.

Further, to know more about such housing projects you may visit Real Land Management.

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