The Psychology of Buyers

Have you ever wondered what your clients are thinking or psychology of buyers during their property purchase journey? Understanding buyer behaviour is crucial in sales, and the real estate sector is no exception. Each industry has its unique consumer behaviours, and comprehending your clients’ buying patterns is essential for devising effective sales strategies.

Maslow’s Hierarchy Strategy

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a psychological framework that illustrates the prioritization of various human needs. This pyramid is segmented into five distinct categories, and these needs are typically fulfilled in a hierarchical sequence, commencing with our fundamental requirements.

  • Human beings progress to higher levels of needs once their lower-level requirements have been satisfied.
  • This progression in fulfilling needs follows a hierarchical pattern, commencing with the most fundamental necessities before advancing to more complex ones.

In the real estate context, these needs provide insights into psychology of buyers reasons for seeking a property. For instance, an individual in the safety stage might prioritize security and stability, while a couple in the love and belonging stage could be searching for a suitable place to raise their children.

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Property Buying Process

  • Recognizing a Need: Every purchase journey initiates with the recognition of a need. For instance, when you’re strolling down the street and suddenly feel thirsty, you recognize the need for a beverage.
  • Information Search: After acknowledging a need, the next step is to seek information. This often involves conducting a Google search to explore popular areas, browsing property listings on platforms like Zameen, or seeking recommendations from friends and family.
  • Exploring Options: During this phase, customers begin organizing property viewings and exploring different neighborhoods. They make crucial decisions about their preferences, including the number of bedrooms required and the type of property that best suits their needs.
  • Evaluation of Alternatives: At this stage, buyers have typically inspected multiple properties that align with their criteria and are now prepared to select their ideal property. This decision-making process involves a meticulous evaluation of factors such as property quality, pricing, and availability.
  • Purchase Decision: Here, property seekers commit to the purchase. This involves arranging necessary funds, potentially applying for a mortgage, and completing the requisite paperwork.

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Categories of Buyers

  • Average Spenders: The majority of buyers in the market fall into the category of average spenders. They are characterized by their prudent budget planning, advance savings, and deliberate decision-making process.
  • Savers: These individuals are budget-conscious buyers known for their thorough research before making any purchase. They typically have well-defined cost expectations and often exhibit strong resistance to impulsive spending.
  • Spendthrifts: This category of buyers tends to spend generously and indulge in various purchases. Price sensitivity is not their primary concern, as their decisions are often driven by emotions. They represent 15% of the market.

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Let’s engage in an activity!

Explore the three buyer personas (psychology of buyers) listed below and spend a moment profiling each buyer type along with the corresponding sales strategies. You can consult the word bank for assistance if needed.

SpendthriftsSaversAverage Spenders
– Appeal to buyers’ emotions– Be straightforward, honest, and precise– Create a balance between price and quality
– Emphasize the property’s unique features– Support your points with data– Overcome client fears using warranties/guarantees
– Leverage marketing– Highlight value for money– Don’t be afraid to ask for the close
Tips to keep in mind when selling to each style

Buying Behaviour

There are four distinct buying behaviour types, which differ based on the extent of research conducted before making a purchase.

Cultural and Social FactorsInfluence of cultural background, social groups, values, and beliefs; essential in a multicultural context.
Personal FactorsAge, occupation, personality, lifestyle; significant influencers of consumer behavior.
Psychological FactorsMotives, motivations, and attitudes that drive purchasing decisions; require tailored sales approaches.
Economic FactorsPersonal and family income, standard of living; economic circumstances shaping consumer choices.
Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour

Challenges With Consumer Behaviour

  • Consumer behavior is in a state of constant evolution, sometimes exhibiting irrational patterns.
  • Real estate transactions are significantly shaped by external influences.

Furthermore, consumer behavior and psychology of buyer is inherently distinctive for each individual, with no two clients sharing identical characteristics.

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